The pipe Clairmont was born in the early 80s as the highest expression of excellent craftsmanship; the heart is in the materials and expert workmanship.
Clairmont (Chiaramonti) is the village in Sardinia where he drew in the early years. In these place a small group of friends create a winning idea of fine Italian excellence.

Our creations are born exclusively with Sardinian  Briar; this for a specific choice of quality and characteristics of the raw materials. The selection process is certificate in each step of processing, nothing is left to chance.

Briar (Erica Arborea) is followed in all the wayfromour employees, who for over thirty years offers professionalism and precision at any time productively.
The extraction, the cut and the seasoning are the focal moments that determine the quality of the final product.

Clairmont has also chosen to be “Green” we are committed to increasing the environmental sustainability of our products. This results is a constant collaboration with local structures in Sardinia that are concerned with the reforestation of the areas where they are taken from the wild products which then give rise to our excellence. We believe in the need for greater awareness in using the resources of nature and that is why for us the color GREEN is also present in the mouthpieces of our pipe, this to always remember the respect we owe to nature.